The 3 Worst Games From April 2018

Here the three worst games from April 2018 :

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR

In case you are a fan of the Planet of the Apes franchise, this might be no longer what you’re looking for. In our review, we word that “on the quiet of the day, the most effective similarity between crisis on the planet of the Apes and the movie series it’s based on is in name most effective.” This game has a nearly non-existent tale, is easy and on-rails, and the locomotion is particularly annoying.

Bravo Team

Much like the above, whilst virtual fact is the great piece of technology, the software has yet to seize as much as the hardware. Bravo team is an example of this, with the best mechanics to be had being the aiming and shooting. In truth, we stated in our evaluation that “the sum general of this VR experience is being a digital jack inside the box.” regardless of being developed via Supermassive games of until sunrise fame, Bravo group, lamentably does no longer stack up.

Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch turned into firstly an Xbox 360 exclusive title that is now ported to laptop, no matter no longer being requested for. while the game has its moments, specifically its soundtrack and a few aspects of its gameplay, it’s far very repetitive, unchallenging, and the map is quite bland. In our overview, we determined that “Bullet Witch has a few promise and a few really fantastic ideas at the back of it, however, the execution itself is rather sub-par.”

What do you observe? Did you play something better or worse than these games in April 2018? let us recognize within the comments.

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