Street Fighter V DARKSTALKERS costumes next week

Street Fighter V characters Menat, Juri, and Urien are getting Darkstalkers costumes subsequent week.

As particular on Capcom’s latest weblog post, the three new outfits are priced at $three.99 every and will available for purchase on April three on PSN and Steam. Menat will recreation the Khaibit costume, which draws concept from the mummy Anakaris.

Juri is getting the Lilith costume at the same time as Urien can be carrying the Donovan gown, based totally on the half of-vampire and half of-human Donovan Baine. check out how every dress looks within the image gallery below.

Juri and Urien are to be had in the Season 1 person pass and Menat is available within the Season 2 individual pass. every man or woman also can be purchased in my view for $5.99 or for 100,000 fight cash.

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